Notifications For Pre Show Calls...


Pre show calls 

Strange show time? Weird Panto matinees? Well now you can receive notifications "x" minutes before the call! 

It couldn't be easier! Show StopWatch will give you all the relevant calls at the desired times, all call times and the time before the notifications can be customised!

Select a Show Time or add a new one, much like you would in Alarms....and thats it!


Images-Pre Show Calls.png

customisable call times 

Don’t want the Beginners call 5 minutes before curtain up? You can now change all call times to what ever time you would like them before the show. 

You can also customise the Notification time before the call, if you want the notifications 10 minutes before the Half Hour Call but 1 minutes before the Five, Quarter & Beginners thats all possible!


Copy Pre show call times 

If you ever want to know the times of the calls just tap the "Call Times" button. The calls can then be copied and pasted to anywhere you like!   

Images-coping calls.png
Images-Copying Calls.png