It couldn’t be easier. We strongly support your right to privacy when using our apps.

Our privacy policy is simple: your data is none of our business. Show StopWatch doesn’t collect any personal information, the information that you enter - say saving email addresses to make sharing your show times easier, is all kept on your device.

The only information we can see is that which Apple anonymously shares with developers after the user has opted in - for example how many downloads or what type of device you are running Show StopWatch on, more information can be found here.

Support Interactions

When handling support requests from you, we collect:

  • your email address (or Twitter handle, if you contact us via Twitter)

  • any information you provide voluntarily (such as crash logs or other diagnostic info)

This information is collected solely to help resolve your support inquiry. We retain support emails indefinitely in order to:

  • have context from previous interactions which may help us answer your future questions more quickly

  • identify broad trends in support requests, which may help us identify and solve problems with our products